Quaqua look-and-feel library

Werner Randelshofer’s excellent Quaqua Look and Feel library for Mac OS X is available from his site as a .zip download. To make it easier to use in Maven-based projects, I have converted it to a set of zips/jars containing javadocs, sources, Java library and Native library, and have deployed this to the Central Maven Repository.

Note that Werner’s domain is randelshofer.ch, which would give a Maven group id of ch.randelshofer, however, I can’t deploy under that, so, these artifacts are deployed under the org.devzendo group id.

Also, he has released Quaqua 8 and 9, whereas this deployment is the older 7.3.4 release. I intend to upgrade and deploy these new releases in the near future; if this would be of immediate use to you, please contact me and I’ll increase the priority.

Note that this does not make any changes to Quaqua, it’s just a repackaging and distribution. Quaqua is © 2003-2010 Werner Randelshofer, and is distributed under the Modified BSD and LGPL licenses. Please see the Quaqua license page for more details.

Using the Quaqua libraries via Maven

To make use of Quaqua via Maven, add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


Ensure that org.devzendo Quaqua-7.3.4.jar is on your classpath.

Ensure that the org.devzendo LibQuaqua-7.3.4.zip containing Quaqua’s native libraries is unzipped during your package phase, and is available on your classpath during execution. In the following snippet, I extract this zip into the location where our Cross-Platform Launcher Plugin will place all libraries, for a Mac OSX GUI .app:

      Copy the Quaqua native libraries into the correct location in the
      Mac OS X launcher structure created above.
                    <!-- other configurations here -->

(See the Cross-Platform Launcher Plugin page for more information.)

In your code, you can then:


Mavenisation scripts

The scripts used to prepare the Mavenised artifacts and deploy them to the Central Repository are available from their Mercurial repository.