The Parachute Project: Changelog / Release Notes

0.0.1 (ongoing work for the first release)

  • Versioning and build now controlled by Maven and CMake.
  • Successfully runs hello2.asm !
  • Renamed emulator binary from t800emul to temulate.
  • Started adding the T801 instructions, from “Transputer Instruction Set - Appendix, Guy Harriman”.
  • Started adding the T801/T805 instructions from “Support for debugging/breakpointing in transputers” (INMOS Technical Note 61). Added the -j flag to enable ‘j 0’ breakpoints.
  • Described current implementation/missing status in the above section.
  • The T810 instructions from “The IMS T810 - A Preliminary Survey” are not implemented.
  • Builds using Maven/CMake/CLion on macOS, Windows 10, CentOS 7, Ubuntu LTS, Raspbian Stretch.
  • Added Boot-from-ROM, fixed Wdesc bug after boot from link.
  • Fixes: xword, call, j & scheduling (with assistance from Michael Brüstle), locations of TPtrLoc1, TPtrLoc0. csngl and xdble: correct detection of sign of Areg
  • Monitor: db (renamed from da), dw improvements, added w (workspace display), added b/b+b-/b? (breakpoints), added s (show all state).
  • Adopted the Apache License v2.
  • Since the assembler understands offset addressing, the manual building of offset operands has been changed from: j ‘label - _XX1’
    j label \