The Parachute Project: Downloads

Download The Parachute Parallel Programming System

Free/Libre Open Source Software. Transputer Emulation/Virtual Machine & Languages.

All downloads are digitally signed, and have checksums - for how to verify these, see the Verifying Digital Signatures page.

Once downloaded, please read the Getting Started With Parachute page for installation instructions.

All release files for all versions can be found directly in The Parachute Repository. The release notices may be found in The Parachute Changelog.

Latest version: 0.0.1

macOS - El Capitan 10.11
may work on later versions, can’t easily test
Apple Logo

Download Parachute for macOS (.tar.gz)
macOS Signature (.asc)
macOS Checksum (.md5)
macOS Checksum (.sha1)

Ubuntu LTS - 16.04 (Xenial Xerus), 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)
Ubuntu Logo

Download Parachute for Ubuntu 16.04 (.tar.gz)
Ubuntu 16.04 Signature (.asc)
Ubuntu 16.04 Checksum (.md5)
Ubuntu 16.04 Checksum (.sha1)

Download Parachute for Ubuntu 18.04 (.tar.gz)
Ubuntu 18.04 Signature (.asc)
Ubuntu 18.04 Checksum (.md5)
Ubuntu 18.04 Checksum (.sha1)

CentOS - 7.6
CentOS Logo

Download Parachute for CentOS 7.6 (.tar.gz)
CentOS 7.6 Signature (.asc)
CentOS 7.6 Checksum (.md5)
CentOS 7.6 Checksum (.sha1)

Raspberry Pi - Raspbian Stretch
Raspberry Pi Logo

Download Parachute for Raspbian Stretch (.tar.gz)
Raspbian Stretch Signature (.asc)
Raspbian Stretch Checksum (.md5)
Raspbian Stretch Checksum (.sha1)

Windows - Windows 10
may work on earlier, can’t easily test
Windows Logo

Download Parachute for Windows 10 (.zip)
Windows 10 Signature (.asc)
Windows 10 Checksum (.md5)
Windows 10 Checksum (.sha1)