Maven Cross-Platform Launcher Plugin 1.2.0 released

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The seventh release of the Cross Platform Launcher Plugin is now available.

This Maven 2 plugin allows you to create launchers for Java programs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

See its page in the developer area for more information.

This release adds the enhanced version of Janel 4.2.0-98 from Michael Knigge ( to provide support for 64-bit modern Java, Java 9, etc. See his Github page for details.

The default version of Janel is still 3.0.2 for backwards compatibility.

To switch to the enhanced Janel use the settings <janelVersion>4.2</janelVersion> and optionally <janelBits>64</janelBits> (default) or <janelBits>32</janelBits> to switch between 64- and 32-bit variants.