Site relaunched!

1 minute read

Just when you think you have all your infrastructure working smoothly, and you’re ready to start actually producing working applications, things change.

I was storing all my code in Mercurial and Subversion repositories in Google Code Hosting, but in 2015, Google decided they didn’t want to do that any more, so I had to find a new home for my code.

Preferring Mercurial, and wanting some repositories to be private until they’ve reached a suitable level of progress, I chose BitBucket. Of course, Git and GitHub are the hotness, so I also have some projects there.

Moving all my component libraries also gave me the opportunity to give them names that adhere to the Maven artifact naming convention.

Just when I was starting to get back to normal, this site, which was formerly managed by Drupal, got hacked, several times, despite me trying to keep up with all the security releases. This became a total drag, so I decided to nuke Drupal with prejudice and start again.

Hence this new version of the site, which is statically built using Jekyll and the Minimal Mistakes theme. Appropriate, since Drupal and PHP are mistakes I have no intention of making again.

On with the show….